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Friday, October 09, 2020Education

2020 Twin Cities Young Professionals Webinar Series

Great news – thanks to the ongoing support from our sponsors, we are now able to hold our Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit webinars FREE!  A special thank you to Hamline University for their support and also to our annual Stakeholder Sponsor, Starkey Hearing Technologies and to our Economic Investor, C.H. Robinson.  Please utilize the chance to hear these great speakers at no cost thanks to these organizations!


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) this year's Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit will be held by webinar series starting in August.  Attendees have the option of participating in the series of webinars, or each individual event.  Full series subscribers will also be invited to an afterhours event in early 2021. 

On October 9th you will hear from Kit Welchlin (Kit Welchlin Keynote Presentations)

                                                   Creating a World-Class Client Experience

Whenever we use a term like world-class, people suspect it will take an extreme amount of effort to live up to that standard.  The sad thing is when it comes to customer service and client experience, there’s not a lot of competition out there.

To move our organization in the direction of world-class client experience, I always like to start with the basics and simplify the approach.  

From the client’s perspective, there are four main hopes and expectations they would like satisfied.  They would like you to get it done, get it done right, get along, and give appreciation.

So, if you focus on these four intentions, you can choreography your conversations with your clients to ensure that you will be satisfying their needs.  Say something, whether in writing or during the conversation, that you will get it done (whatever it is) swiftly and efficiently, that you will get it done right (whatever it is) correctly and accurately, you got along with them and enjoyed the conversation or interaction, and finally, that you appreciate their business and interest in your products and services.

If you script several statements for each of these four intentions, hopes, and expectations, you will create a world-class client experience.




Ensure your company's success by sending your young professionals to this one-of-a-kind event. Keep an eye on for more details and to register the young professionals in your organization. 


To register, email  or call 952.944.2830


Thank you to our sponsor, Hamline University!



Cost: Thanks to the generousity of our sponsors, we are now able to offer these webinar programs free

Friday, October 9, 2020 8:00 AM

Online via Zoom


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